Debbie Kardas

Poughkeepsie Public School Teachers' Association

Debbie Kardas is the President of the Poughkeepsie Public School Teachers' Association (PPSTA).

In this interview with Colorín Colorado, Debbie explains why she thought the Common Core and ELLs project was a good fit for the Poughkeepsie School District and what she and her teachers learned from the project.

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Debbie Kardas is the President of the Poughkeepsie Public School Teachers' Association(PPSTA). She has also served in the capacities of First Vice President and Treasurer over the last two decades. The Association is dedicated to maintaining a fair and professional relationship with the Poughkeepsie City School District with the goals of ensuring the most productive instructional conditions for teachers and the best possible learning opportunities for their students.

Ms. Kardas has taught in the Poughkeepsie City School District for the last thirty-six years in the positions of math teacher, Poughkeepsie Middle School Math Coach and is currently the AFT/NYSUT Innovation Fund Site Coordinator. Ms. Kardas has been involved in many curriculum writing activities, district committees and acted as facilitator of many teacher trainings. Ms. Kardas holds a BS and MS in Education N-6 and Mathematics 7-9 from SUNY New Paltz.