Dr. Kenji Hakuta

Stanford University

Dr. Kenji Hakuta is the Co-Chair of Stanford University's Understanding Language initiative and a leading expert in the implementation of the Common Core State Standards with ELLs. In this interview with Colorín Colorado, Dr. Hakuta discusses how he became interested in the bilingual education field, describes how Understanding Language is addressing the challenges of helping ELLs meet the CCSS, and addresses ELL-specific questions around hot topics such as pre-reading and assessment.

An interview transcript and biography can be found below.


Dr. Kenji Hakuta is the Lee L. Jacks Professor of Education at Stanford University and the Co-Chair of the Understanding Language initiative. He is an experimental psycholinguist who has worked on research, practice, and policy supporting English Language Learners for over 30 years. He recently served on the Validation Committee for the Common Core State Standards Initiative.

Additional information about Dr. Hakuta and his courses, publications, and research are available through his Stanford University website.