Ida Demos

Middle School Teacher | Albuquerque, NM

Ida Demos is a middle school teacher in Albuquerque, New Mexico and a member of the eighth-grade cadre in our Common Core in Albuquerque project.

Hear what Ida has to say about "The Story of an Hour" lesson plans and the Common Core in her video interview and journal entries below.

Video Interviews


Journal Entries

A-ha moment

After having examined the Common Core Standards and served on the APS Steering Committee for the implementation of the CCSS, I found myself asking, "How attainable would the standards be to my own English language learners?" It wasn't until I started brainstorming and collaborating with the other teachers in the 8th grade ELA group of the WETA/ELL cohort did I realize the extent to which lessons would need to be sheltered and modified to meet the needs of our ELLs. That's when the fun began. The creative juices began to flow.

This a-ha moment has led to my investigation of other resources and strategies with which to enhance or supplant the existing curriculum. After having worked with the CCSS, I have also come to the conclusion that Depth of Knowledge plays a major role in students' acquisition of skills, concepts, and language. Students are given multiple opportunities to acquire, practice, perfect, synthesize and demonstrate their knowledge and skills.