Kristina Robertson

EL Program Administrator | Roseville, MN

Kristina Robertson is an English Learner (EL) Program Administrator in Roseville, MN who works with K-12 teachers and administrators to develop quality language programming and instruction needed to advance equity for ELs in academic achievement.  She has extensive experience as a classroom teacher and professional development leader. In this interview with Colorín Colorado, Kristina discusses the best practices for ELL professional development and suggestions for school and district leaders when evaluating ELL programs and staffing. A full transcript of the interview and Kristina's biography

Kristina served on the American Federation of Teachers' ELL Educator Cadre for many years and has also authored a number of our Bright Ideas articles. She is also featured in the following Colorín Colorado resources:

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Kristina Robertson is the current Titles Coordinator and Teacher on Special Assignment for the Burnsville-Eagan-Savage School District in Minnesota. Kristina has 20 years of education experience as a teacher and leader in English language instruction, with licenses in ESL, Administration, and Reading. She started her career as a Peace Corps volunteer in Sri Lanka and then returned to Minnesota, where she has taught many language and cultural backgrounds in the K-12 setting, as well as ESL teacher preparation courses at the college level.