Debbie Zacarian

ELL Expert | Zacarian & Associates

Dr. Debbie Zacarian is an expert in the fields of ELL education and special education and an advisor for Colorín Colorado.  She is also the author of our ELL Policy Guide.  In this interview featured in our ELLs and Special Education resource section, she discusses what sound identification, instruction programs, and parent engagement look like for ELLs who may have special education needs, as well as steps to achieve effective collaboration on behalf of ELLs with disabilities.


Dr. Debbie Zacarian is known nationally for her work in advancing student achievement.  Her accessible explanations of the most current research into practical instructional, school-climate, and parent engagement strategies as well as strength-based teacher evaluation systems are widely practiced. She is a popular and frequent speaker at national and international conferences of major education organizations, including the Teachers of English as a Second Language and the Association of Supervisors and Curriculum Developers and at state conferences throughout the United States. Dr. Zacarian consults with state agencies, school districts, and colleges throughout the United States, has led and provided professional development for thousands of educators, and is the author of more than 100 articles, chapters, books, teacher training and coaching manuals, strategic plans, and policies.


This video interview was made possible by a generous grant from the National Education Association.