Roger Rosenthal

Attorney | Migrant Legal Action Program

Attorney Roger C. Rosenthal is the Executive Director of the Migrant Legal Action Program (MLAP), a national non-profit support and advocacy center located in Washington, D.C.

Mr. Rosenthal is widely recognized as one of the foremost national experts on the rights of English Language Learners, immigrant students, and migrant farmworker students in the public schools.  He undertakes advocacy on Capitol Hill and before federal administrative agencies on behalf of these student populations and their families. He has served a two year term as Co-Chair of the National Hispanic Education Coalition.  He is also a frequent and popular trainer on these topics at national, regional, state, and local events.

In this video interview with Colorín Colorado, Mr. Rosenthal discusses legal guidelines and requirements regarding the enrollment of ELLs and immigrant students in U.S. public schools, as well as some of the key policies that impact ELL education.

Note: This interview was filmed in 2014 but includes references to ELL policies that are still in effect.