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If you are a member of the press and need more information, please visit our About Us page, or contact our publicist, Laurie Fry, at (503) 399-7999.

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Print and distribute a flyer

Reading is a Gift in Any Language

Reading is the key to success in school and in life. As your child's first and best teacher, what you do at home to help your child become a good reader will better prepare him or her to reach their goals.


Information on how to help your child learn to read… and succeed!

Because you are your child's first and best teacher, what you do at home — even before your child goes to school — is what will help him or her learn to read and succeed.


Helping English language learners read… and succeed!

Colorín Colorado gives educators and parents practical, research-based tools that can help ensure the success of English language learners.


The ELL resources you've been asking for!

When English language learners are placed in a general education classroom, it's a huge challenge for them… and for you. How can you teach literacy skills, academic content, and English at the same time?


¡Hola, Maestra! ¡Buenos Dias, Profesor!

Not all teachers speak Spanish, but all teachers want their students who speak Spanish to be successful.


Professional development resources at your fingertips!

The number of English language learners across the country grows steadily. Are you prepared to teach them?

Hold a parent workshop

Colorín Colorado's AFT toolkit for teachers makes it easy for educators to hold workshops for parents on a variety of literacy topics. The toolkit includes background information on reaching out to Hispanic parents, handouts, activity sheets, and bilingual video segments to use and discuss.