Barbara M. Joosse

Books by This Author

Grandma Calls Me Beautiful

Illustrated by: Barbara Lavallee
Age Level: 3-6

Beautiful asks Grandma to tell her their story, a story of bright eyes, swaying seaweed, and soft kapa cloth. No matter what, Grandma tells her granddaughter, she will be "Forever and for always, Beautiful." The lyrical text celebrates Hawaiian traditions and language, and watercolor illustrations evoke the lush hues of the Hawaiian islands.

I Love You the Purplest

Illustrated by: Mary Whyte
Age Level: 3-6
A wise and loving mother reassures two brothers that each has a special place in her heart. Barbara Joosse's heartwarming text is beautifully complemented by Mary Whyte's engaging watercolor illustrations.

Mama, Do You Love Me?

Illustrated by: Barbara Lavallee
Age Level: 3-6
Mama, Do You Love Me? tells the story of a young Inuit girl trying to find out how much her mother loves her. Beautiful illustrations of Alaska and the characters convey the cultural richness of this timeless story.

Stars in the Darkness

Illustrated by: R. Gregory Christie
Age Level: 6-9
In the imagination of a young inner-city boy, police sirens sound like howling wolves, streetlights look like stars, and shots fired by neighborhood gangs sound like those stars cracking the darkness. But when his older brother joins a gang, he can no longer pretend. With the help of his mother, he comes up with a plan to save his brother and unite his neighbors in a stand for peace.

The Morning Chair

Illustrated by: Marcia Sewall
Age Level: 3-6

When Bram comes to America, he misses everything from Holland — his brick house and friendly neighbors and walks to the sea. Most of all, though, he misses his time with Mama in the morning chair. Will Bram ever begin to feel at home in America? Illustrations done in soft colors are the perfect match to this touching story about starting over from a child's point of view, which is based on the author's husband's experience of emigrating to the U.S. shortly after World War II.