Chris Crutcher

Books by This Author

Whale Talk

Age Level: 12-14

"T. J. Jones, the mixed-race, larger-than-life, heroic, first-person narrator of this novel, lays out the events of his senior year, with many digressions along the way. The central plot involves T. J.'s efforts to put together a swim team of misfits, as he tries to upset the balance of power at his central Washington high school, where jocks and the narrow-minded rule. However, a number of subplots deal with racism, child abuse, and the efforts of the protagonist's adopted father to come to grips with a terrible mistake in his past." — School Library Journal

The Crazy Horse Electric Game

Age Level: 14-16
Everything was going great for Willie Weaver, renowned pitcher and star of his baseball team. Until his accident, that is. Faced with multiple losses, Willie runs away from his home, family, and friends in Montana to start all over in L.A. Will he be able to put the pieces of his life back together?