Dana Reinhardt

Books by This Author

A Brief Chapter in My Impossible Life

Simone was adopted and raised by a non-observant Jewish family. The arrival of her Orthodox birth mother leads her to question her own religious beliefs and to confront the fact that her birth mother may not be around much longer — she's been diagnosed with cancer.

A Brief Chapter in My Impossible Life

Product Description: Simone is adopted. She's always known it, but she's never wanted to know anything about where she came from. She's happy with her family just as it is. Then one day, Rivka calls, and Simone learns who her mother was — a 16-year-old, just like Simone. Who is Rivka? What does she want? Why is she calling now, after all these years? The answers lead Simone to deeper feelings of anguish and love than she has ever known and prompt her to question everything she has taken for granted about faith, the afterlife, and what it means to be a daughter.

How to Build a House

Harper Evans wants to help. She's always been passionate about the planet, but also desires to help people who live on it. So when her father suggests she spend the summer with Homes from the Heart, she jumps at the chance to help build a new house for a family in a Tennessee community devastated by a tornado. She feels a little guilty though because it's not just an opportunity for her to help; it's her chance to run away from her dad's divorce, stepsister's hostility and her boyfriend situation.