David Adler

Books by This Author

A Picture Book of Cesar Chavez

Illustrated by: Marie Olofsdotter
Age Level: 6-9

"The selfless struggles of labor leader Chavez are given a tempered and lucid treatment in this educational overview… The characters are drawn in an intentionally stiff style that fits with the depth-challenged folk art backgrounds, most of which are dominated by the color of sand. The text, meanwhile, is peppered with quotes from Chavez, all of which are backed up with source notes. An elegant introduction to a man who inspired thousands."
— Daniel Kraus, Booklist

A Picture Book of Jesse Owens

Illustrated by: Robert Casilla
Age Level: 6-9

Jesse Owens was a breakthrough athlete – an African American who captured the world stage (and four gold medals!) at the 11th Olympiad in Nazi Germany. In this book, readers will learn about his life through brief text and watercolor illustrations. Younger readers may enjoy Patricia and Fredrick McKissack’s picture book, Jesse Owens: Olympic Star.

A Picture Book of John and Abigail Adams

Illustrated by: Ronald Himler
Age Level: 6-9

When John and Abigail first met, they didn't really like each other but came to appreciate the other's strengths: Abigail had her own opinions; John was honest and witty. After their marriage, Abigail expertly handled home, family, and more during her husband's frequent travel and was the earliest First Lady to live in the Executive Mansion. This is a graceful introduction to an early first family.

A Picture Book of Louis Braille

Illustrated by: John Wallner
Age Level: 6-9

The story of Louis Braille, the Frenchman who invented the raised-dot alphabet/code now used around the world by blind and visually impaired readers. The text traces Braille's life from the childhood accident that caused him to lose his sight through his career at the National Institute for Blind Children in Paris. Readers can feel the alphabet and numbers from 1-10 at the back of the book.

Bones and the Birthday Mystery

Illustrated by: Barbara Newman
Age Level: 6-9

Jeffrey Bones narrates this easy-to-read mystery that begins with his preparation for his grandfather's birthday celebration, introduces a lost present, and ultimately moves to a satisfying resolution. New readers will appreciate the textual and visual clues which allow them to solve the mystery along with young Bones.

Cam Jansen & the Green School Mystery

Illustrated by: Joy Allen
Age Level: 6-9

Cam (short for "Camera") uses her photographic memory to help solve the theft of the cans and bottles to be recycled to earn money for her school. This installment in the gentle mystery series features a particularly timely topic.