David Elliot

Books by This Illustrator

Chicken Feathers

Illustrated by: David Elliot
Age Level: 6-9
Joshua Tucker's best friend on the family farm is Semolina, a sassy and talkative chicken — at least with Joshua. A sneaky, hungry red fox puts Semolina at risk in more than one way in this satisfyingly old-fashioned story dotted with black/white illustrations.

Extra Credit

Illustrated by: David Elliot
Age Level: Middle Grade (9-14)
"A forced pen-pal exchange turns into an opportunity for real communication between Illinois sixth-grader Abby Carson and Sadeed Bayat, the best English-language student in his Afghan village. When Abby's first letter arrives in Bahar-Lan, 11-year-old Sadeed is asked by the elders to compose his sister Amira's reply; it isn't proper for a boy and girl to correspond with one another. But soon Sadeed can't resist telling Abby that it is he who has been writing to her.