Deborah L. Duvall

Books by This Author

Rabbit and the Bears (Grandmother Stories)

Illustrated by: Murv Jacob
Age Level: 3-6

Product Description: Ji-Stu the Rabbit doesn't spend the beautiful autumn days gathering food for the winter like some of the animals. Instead he travels with his friend Yona the Bear to Mulberry Place, the magical high mountain homeland of the bears. On the way to the mountains the two friends encounter a hunter. Soon Ji-Stu witnesses the magic powers of Lake Ata-Gahi, which can heal the wounds of animals but is invisible to humans. As he sings and dances with the bears, Ji-Stu learns the magic of friendship as well as the magic of the lake.

Rabbit and the Well

Illustrated by: Murv Jacob
Age Level: 6-9

Product Description: In the forest where Ji-Stu the Rabbit lives, the rain has stopped falling and the river is drying up. Soon the forest creatures will have no water to drink. One day Ji-Stu has an idea: there's plenty of water deep in the ground. What the animals need is a well! All his neighbors agree, and they begin at once to dig a well. Everyone, that is, except Ji-Stu. When Ji-Stu wants to join in the celebration and refill his empty water pots, he quickly learns that he is not welcome at the well. But the trickster rabbit has plans of his own to get all the water he needs.

Secret History of the Cherokees: A Novel

Product Description: The stunning saga of the Cherokees fills these pages with remarkable historic events and larger than life heroes and villains. The authors of this historical novel delve into richly described scenes with such unforgettable characters as Sequoyah, Sam Houston, Rich Joe Vann, the Beloved Woman Nancy Ward, John Ross, Stand Watie, and the outlaw Tom Starr, as well as historic backdrops including the Trail of Tears, the inter-tribal murders that followed in the wilderness of Indian Territory, the American Civil War, and the Cherokee's enslavement of African captives.