Francisco Jiménez

Books by This Author

La Mariposa

Painting of young boy in the field
Illustrated by: Simón Silva
Language: Spanish

Young Francisco is excited to go to school. His excitement gives way to shame and frustration, however, as he realizes that he doesn't fit in and he can't understand what is happening around him in English. The story explores Francisco's isolation and his daydreams about a caterpillar in a jar in his classroom. This story is an excerpt from The Circuit and is based on the experiences of the author as the child of migrant farmworkers.

The Christmas Gift

Illustration of family holding children
Illustrated by: Claire B. Cotts
Language: Spanish (Bilingual Eng/Sp)

"A few days before Christmas, Panchito's family decided it was time to move again." So begins the Christmas tale of a young boy whose migrant family is struggling to make ends meet. Based on the childhood experiences of author Francisco Jiménez, the beautiful story and paintings capture Panchito's loneliness, as well as his parents' devotion to their children and each other.

The Circuit

"Francisco Jiménez was born in Mexico, entered California illegally as a very young child, and spent his boyhood alternating between migrant farm work and the classroom. This collection of autobiographical short stories was written years later, when Jiménez had become an established professor at Santa Clara University (CA), but they give immediate access to the feelings of the growing boy." — School Library Journal