Franklyn Branley

Books by This Author

Floating in Space

Age Level: 6-9
Have you ever dreamed of being an astronaut? Wondered what it might be like to see the sun set sixteen times in one day? Open this book and be transported on an information-packed voyage aboard the space shuttle.

Mission to Mars

Illustrated by: True Kelley
Age Level: 6-9
How would you get to Mars? What would you find once you’re there? In understandable and informative text, this book presents a journey to the Red Planet. Line and wash illustrations and a few photographs help readers imagine the trip.

Snow Is Falling

Illustrated by: Holly Keller
Age Level: 6-9
Snow is magical and beautiful and sometimes even dangerous. Through both observation and experimentation, this book introduces the many aspects of snow through crisp text and appealing illustrations that are sure to engage, inform, and inspire younger children.