Freya Blackwood

Books by This Illustrator

Half a World Away

Illustrated by: Freya Blackwood
Age Level: 3-6
Best friends Amy and Louie are inseparable and — "coo-ee!" — even have a special way to call each other. But then Amy and her family move half a world away draining the color from their world — until Louie figures out how to imaginatively communicate with Amy even though they are far, far apart. The distance that separates the children and their strong bond are powerfully conveyed in dramatic watercolors and gentle text.

The Treasure Box

Illustrated by: Freya Blackwood
Age Level: 6-9

"'When the enemy bombed the library, everything burned.' This is how Wild begins her rather dark tale of salvaging one important thing when everything else is broken or destroyed. A young boy's father had borrowed a book from that soon-to-be-burned library, and when the 'enemy' (never identified or hinted at) forces the people to leave their homes, the father chooses to take the book, sequestering it in an iron box. He tells the boy that the book is 'about our people, about us.