Gary Paulsen

Books by This Author


Age Level: 6-9
The narrator tells of a winter run with a team of dogs. Lush illustrations depict the animals' anticipation and pleasure on the snow-filled night.

The Quilt

Age Level: 9-12
A 6-year-old boy whose mother is working in a munitions factory in Chicago during World War II is sent to live in Minnesota with his grandmother, Alida. Since all of the men are in Europe fighting, the women have to work the farm, and there are plenty of animals to look after to keep the young boy busy. But he is out of his element when his cousin, Kristina, goes into labor. While waiting for the delivery, the women work on a quilt that reveals the family stories of love and loss.

The Tortilla Factory

Illustrated by: Ruth Paulsen
Age Level: 3-6

Product Description: In clear and eloquent language, Gary Paulsen pays tribute to a cycle of life — from seed to plant to tortilla. Workers till the black soil, operate the clanking machinery of the factory, and drive the trucks that deliver the tortillas back into the hands that will plant the yellow seeds. With Ruth Wright Paulsen's expressive paintings, The Tortilla Factory brings forth the poetry and beauty of a simple way of life.