Graham Salisbury

Books by This Author

Calvin Coconut: Dog Heaven

Illustrated by: Jacqueline Rogers
Age Level: 6-9
Calvin Coconut wants a dog — and ultimately finds the perfect pet at Dog Heaven. Now how can he and his mom's friend, Ledward, convince mom that Calvin really is responsible enough to have a dog? This latest story about the likeable 4th grader, his friends and their problems is set in Hawaii.

Calvin Coconut: Zoo Breath

Age Level: 6-9
Fourth grader Calvin Coconut is back for another adventure. Calvin's new dog, Streak — who has extreme halitosis — and his science "discovery" project intersect before Calvin's mom makes him return Streak to the shelter. Calvin is a recognizable character in plausible situations.

Eyes of the Emperor

Age Level: Young Adult

Japanese Americans in Hawaii during World War II identified themselves as Americans, but their fellow enlisted soldiers didn't necessarily see them that way. In this historical novel, Eddy and his friends join the Army to defend their country, only to be the victims of vicious discrimination by their commanders.

House of the Red Fish

Life for 14-year old Tomi Nakaji and other Japanese-Americans living on the Hawaiian island of Oahu has changed radically since the bombing of Pearl Harbor the previous year. He confronts violence, despair but ultimately finds hope in this gripping sequel to Under the Blood-Red Sun (1994).