Henri Sorensen

Books by This Illustrator

My Love Will Be with You

Illustrated by: Henri Sorensen
Age Level: 3-6
The special place in fathers' hearts for their children is celebrated in this warmly illustrated, wise book. Rich language describes each animal dad's prediction of their child's growing up until a human father is pictured embracing an infant. This is as appealing as the author/illustrator's I Love You as Much.

The Yellow Star: The Legend of King Christian X of Denmark

Illustrated by: Henri Sorensen
Age Level: 6-9

Carmen Agra Deedy has recreated the legend of King Christian X of Denmark, which is accompanied by Danish illustrator Henri Sørensen’s arresting full-color portraits. While this particular story is not historically documented, it is inspired by the bravery of the Danes and their king during World War II. An author's note shares more information on King Christian X, the efforts of Danes to help Jews throughout the country, and discussion questions about the origins of legends.