Henry Cole

Books by This Author

A Nest for Celeste

Age Level: 9-12
An unlikely friendship develops between a small, basket-weaving mouse named Celeste and the young apprentice to the great naturalist, Audubon. They meet when Joseph accompanies Audubon to New Orleans to paint the birds of Louisiana. Evocative pencil drawings add information as well as emotion in this unique, attractive, sometimes sad, but always riveting blend of fact and fantasy.

Jack's Garden

Age Level: 6-9
In this cumulative tale, Jack plants, tends and harvests his garden. Not only will readers follow Jack's activities, they'll learn about gardens and gardening in this informative and animated book through text and highly detailed and well-labeled illustrations. (The author's background as a science teacher is pleasantly evident.)

On Meadowview Street

Age Level: 3-6
Caroline doesn't see much of the name of their new street, Meadowview, as she and her family move to their new suburban neighborhood. When she saves a single flower from the lawn mower, she starts to change not only her backyard but ultimately the entire neighborhood. Soft illustrations and understated text convey story and an important concept.

On the Way to the Beach

Age Level: 3-6
Young readers are invited to look and listen as they join a girl on a summer morning walk to the beach. While she passes through the woods, a marsh, and the dunes, she stops to observe, and sometimes wonders what animals are watching her. A foldout reveals animals, birds, insects, and plants in each of the coastal settings, and are carefully listed on the final page.

The Littlest Evergreen

Age Level: 3-6
During his first spring, the narrator was shorter than the grasses but grew into a fine but small evergreen tree. When people with saws came, they took the little evergreen by its roots where it was decorated with sparkles then planted. Lush, realistic illustrations show the passage of time and how the no longer small evergreen provided a home to other creatures.


Age Level: 3-6
One Saturday, Esme who lives with her grandparents on a farm, goes with her grandfather to the county auction to buy the animal promised. The girl chooses Trudy, a small brown and white goat, and discovers a strong bond with this very special animal. Richly toned paintings depict the affection and farm life — concluding with a lovely surprise for Esme.

Unspoken: A Story from the Underground Railroad

Age Level: 6-9

Readers are encouraged to tell the story of a brave farm girl who provides food to someone who has escaped in this sophisticated, expressive, wordless book. Inspired by family stories, the author allows adults to fill in the historical detail while children recognize the story's power.