Holly Meade

Books by This Author

If I Never Forever Endeavor

Age Level: 6-9
One never knows until they try something — much like a small yellow fledgling that is afraid to leave the nest. Lyrical language and textured, stylized collage illustrations combine for a surprisingly sophisticated push toward flying independently.

Peek!: A Thai Hide-And-Seek

Age Level: 3-6
Baby knows that Jut-Ay means morning has come, and it's time to play. But where is Baby hiding? Eechy-eechy-egg! crows the red-tailed rooster. Is Baby near? Hru-hruu! Hru-hruu! whines the puppy dog. Is Baby crouching there? Hornbill and snake, elephant and tiger – who can finally lead Papa to Baby's hiding place?

Peek!: A Thai Hide-and-Seek

Young girl hiding behind a leaf
Age Level: 3-6

The playful rhyming verses in this story from Thailand follow a game of hide-and-seek between a father and daughter as it moves from the house to the yard to the nearby streams and lush jungle. Vivid illustrations are done in watercolor and cut-paper collage.