Judy Goldman

Books by This Author

Uncle Monarch and the Day of the Dead

Illustrated by: Rene King Moreno
Age Level: 6-9

Day after day, Lupita and Tío Urbano watch the Monarch butterflies arrive. Urbano says they are the souls of the dead ones arriving in time for Día de los muertos. When Urbano becomes sick and dies soon after, Lupita feels only sadness — until she sees the Monarchs and remembers Urbano's words. The beautiful story and illustrations bring the true meaning of this important celebration to life for readers young and old.

Whiskers, Tails and Wings: Animal Folktales from Mexico

Illustrated by: Fabricio Vanden Broeck
Age Level: 6-9

What do a cricket, a turtle, an opossum, a flea and a frog have in common? Each are featured in a story that comes from one of the indigenous people that live in Mexico. Fluid retellings combine with information about the natives from whose culture the tales were drawn. A glossary, where to go for additional information and sources are included in this attractively illustrated book.