Judy Sierra

Books by This Author

Schoolyard Rhymes

Age Level: 6-9
Rhymes, games and even insults have been part of an oral tradition as long as there have been children, outdoor activities and playgrounds (remember “Liar, liar, pants on fire…”or “I’m rubber, you’re glue….”?). These lively ditties combine with humorous illustrations for a contemporary and playful look at a shared childhood tradition.

Tasty Baby Belly Buttons

Illustrated by: Meilo So
Age Level: 3-6
Uriko is small but brave, determined, and smart. In fact, she saves the town’s children when they are kidnapped by hungry oni, the ogres of Japanese lore whose favorite food is baby belly buttons. This lively retelling of a traditional Japanese folktale reads aloud well and is complemented by the illustrations, which call to mind the tale's Asian origin.

Wild About Books

Animals reading books at the library
Illustrated by: Marc Brown
Age Level: 3-6

Molly, the bookmobile librarian, finds a new batch of readers and writers when she accidentally drives into the zoo. "In a flash, every beast in the zoo was stampeding/To learn all about this new something called reading." Lively and appealing illustrations show the fun Molly and the animals have as they build the Zoobrary. Also available in Spanish.