Karen Hesse

Books by This Author

Aleutian Sparrow

Illustrated by: Evon Zerbetz
Age Level: Middle Grade

The Aleuts were dramatically affected by both Japanese and the American forces during World War II. How they were relocated from their small island in the Pacific and relocated to the coast of Alaska is hauntingly told by Vera, a young Aleutian/Caucasian girl.

Come on, Rain

Illustrated by: Jon J Muth
Age Level: 3-6

Tessie, the child narrator, is the first to see the long-awaited rain clouds form. She and her neighbors celebrate the long awaited relief from the summer hear and dry spell in poetic language and loose but lively, luminous watercolor illustrations.

Just Juice

Age Level: Middle Grade
In this book by Newbery Medal-winning author Karen Hesse, the highly skilled Juice, who can handle everything from power tools to her Pa's depression, is plagued by an inability to understand letters and reading.

Letters from Rifka

Age Level: Middle Grade
Product Description: Rifka knows nothing about America when she flees from Russia with her family in 1919. But she dreams she will at last be safe from the Russian soldiers and their harsh treatment of the Jews in the new country. Throughout her journey, Rifka carries with her a cherished volume of poetry by Alexander Pushkin. In it, she records her observations and experiences in the form of letters to her beloved cousin she has left behind. Strong-hearted and determined, Rifka must endure a great deal; but even if she does make it to America, she's not sure America will have her.