Karen Lynn Williams

Books by This Author

A Thousand White Butterflies

Girl near snowy window
Illustrated by: Gina Maldonado
Age Level: 6-9
Language: Spanish

Isabella has recently arrived from Colombia with her mother and abuela. She misses Papa, who is still in South America. It's her first day of school, her make-new-friends day, but when classes are canceled because of too much snow, Isabella misses warm, green, Colombia more than ever. Then Isabella meets Katie and finds out that making friends in the cold is easier than she thought!

Four Feet, Two Sandals

Two girls in a refugee camp
Illustrated by: Doug Chayka
Age Level: 6-9

Lina has not worn shoes for two years. On the day that new clothes are delivered to her refugee camp, she is excited to find a beautiful yellow sandal with a blue flower in the middle. She wonders where the other sandal might be — until she sees it on another girl. Evocative paintings capture the spirit of friendship that develops between these two survivors, as well as the dramatic setting of their story. Based on the lives of Afghan refugees living in the Peshawar Refugee Camp.