Kate Banks

Books by This Author

And If the Moon Could Talk

Age Level: 0-3
Evocative text and soothing pictures illuminate interior and exterior nighttime scenes in this beautiful book, which shows readers what the moon might share with them — if it could talk.


Illustrated by: Georg Hallensleben
Age Level: 3-6
A fox is born on a spring day, and the passing days turn to passive seasons until the young fox becomes confident and independent. Evocative language and textured, richly colored illustrations are used in this triumphant story.

Max's Dragon

Illustrated by: Boris Kulikov
Age Level: 3-6
Max and his brothers play outdoors on a summer day, but Max is the first to see his dragon. When chased by a dark cloud that looks surprising like a fierce dinosaur, only a rhyme — and the breeze from the dragon's sneeze defeats it. Textured, rounded figures and playful language combine to present this imaginative summer adventure.

Night Worker

Age Level: 3-6

On most nights, Alex stays in bed while Papa goes off to work. But on this special night, Alex puts on a small red hard hat as his father puts on his big yellow one, and together they go out to the construction site where Papa works and bedtime is put off until morning. Richly hued paintings evoke the nighttime setting of this loving story.

The Cat Who Walked Across France

Illustrated by: Georg Hallensleben
Age Level: 6-9
When a cat’s elderly mistress dies, he finds himself an outcast, soon forgotten. He begins a lonely journey, traveling across a lush country. When the tired cat comes to a stone cottage by the edge of the sea, he finds a new home with children who love him. Rich paintings combine with a lyrical text in this evocative saga.