Kay Winters

Books by This Author

My Teacher for President

Illustrated by: Denise Brunkus
Age Level: 3-6
Since Oliver's class has been studying about elections and voting, he decides to nominate his teacher for President, and contacts a local television station, clearly stating her many qualifications! Humor abounds as the teacher's assets are juxtaposed with U.S. presidential duties — and with a real sense of child-like appreciation for what the teacher does.

This School Year Will Be the Best!

Illustrated by: Renee Andriani
Age Level: 3-6
Gathered by their teacher on the first day of school, each child shares what he or she wants to have happen this year. The range of answers shows the many interests and personalities in a classroom until the teacher shares her wish: to get to know each child. Lively ink and wash illustrations are sure to start anyone’s school year off right.