Laura Vaccaro Seeger

Books by This Author

Dog and Bear

Age Level: 3-6
Three short stories about two friends, a small dachshund, and a teddy bear, are funny, touching, and recognizable. The illustrations have a naïve quality to capture the simplicity and warmth of the friendship and complement the story as told in both narration and the characters' dialog.

Dog and Bear: Three to Get Ready

Age Level: 3-6
A teddy bear and a small dog share a great friendship in these three satisfying short tales. Young listeners and new readers will appreciate the gentle humor and vivid, boldly outlined illustrations in this latest Dog and Bear installment.

Dog and Bear: Two's Company

Age Level: 3-6
Even the best of friends sometimes have problems they must work out. And it's true for Dog and Bear, the best friends who can get angry but get over it. Simply crafted illustrations are the perfect complement to the uncomplicated text.

First the Egg

Age Level: 3-6
"First the egg" and then — with a page turn, readers see the previously concealed chicken. Later in the book words and paint become a story and a picture. Seemingly diverse, all objects are cleverly brought together in a final image. Finely designed, expertly crafted, this intriguing book uses die cuts on sturdy pages for a rich visual experience ideal for multiple readings.


Age Level: 0-3
Textured illustrations cleverly incorporate die-cuts exploring the many shades of green. Language is as inspired as the textured paintings, subtly suggesting an environmental note. The book concludes with "forever green" in which a man and a child admire a large, lush tree, presumably from a seedling planted earlier.

Lemons Are Not Red

Age Level: 3-6
Lemons are not red but apples are. With each page turn, patterned, repeating language and surprising pairings of colors and objects emerge through cleverly conceived die cuts until the black night and silver moon become a "good night."

One Boy

Age Level: 6-9
Beginning with "one boy," words and pictures transform with a page turn revealing words within words and related scenes. Cleverly hidden, images and words make this seemingly simple book quite sophisticated. Once readers figure out how everything relates, they will surely examine the book all over again!

The Hidden Alphabet

Age Level: 3-6

Children will expand their vocabulary and play with hidden images in this unusual and elegantly illustrated alphabet book. A solid black frame with a one word descriptor focuses on an object. Lift the flap, and the image becomes the letter in full color, thus inviting readers to play with both words and images.