Laurie Lawlor

Books by This Author

Muddy as a Duck Puddle & Other American Similes

Illustrated by: Ethan Long
Age Level: 6-9
Flat, cartoon-like, slyly humorous and slightly irreverent illustrations provide literal meanings for old sayings from A to Z. The fun comes in figuring out where these truisms may be used and what others may fill an alphabet. This is an engaging way to play with language and its meaning.

Rachel Carson & Her Book that Changed the World

Illustrated by: Laura Beingessner
Age Level: 6-9

Rachel Carson was a shy child, always drawn to nature. She grew up to become a professional biologist and enter a field with few women and write a book that changed the way people looked at the environment. Soft, cartoon-like illustrations and straightforward narrative present an overview of Carson's life; sources are included at the end.