Leslie Tryon

Books by This Illustrator

With Love, Little Red Hen

Illustrated by: Leslie Tryon
Age Level: 6-9

Hidden Forest has a new resident. Little Red Hen and her seven little chicks have moved into a cottage and plan to grow a bountiful crop of corn in the nearby field. The problem is that none of the Red Hen's neighbors are willing to help with the hard work. "Not I," says the dog, the goose, and the lazy cat. So Goldilocks, who has heard about the new arrivals from her friend Little Red Riding Hood, comes up with a neighborly idea. The story is revealed through the charming letters they write to one another.

Yours Truly, Goldilocks

Illustrated by: Leslie Tryon
Age Level: 3-6

What happens when the well known three pigs try to plan a party? Readers will find out as they read a series of very funny illustrated letters between characters right off the pages of familiar tales.