Lois Ehlert

Lois Ehlert's highly original books continue to stretch the limits of traditional bookmaking. Her vivid colors, unique book shapes, intricate page cuts, and photographed collages also catch the eyes of curious young children and invites them to participate.

Ehlert creates art with scissors, paper, glue, wire, thread, textiles, and even things she finds on the sidewalk. As an artist, author, and graphic designer, she is able to develop the entire tone of her books, both through the design and the carefully chosen rhythmic words.


An Exclusive Interview

In this interview with Reading Rockets, Lois Ehlert discusses her early love for art, how she became interested in collage, and why she continually challenges herself to make each book highly original. Click on the links below to learn more about this eclectic, multi-talented children's book author and illustrator.


The Artistic Life of Lois Ehlert

Lois Ehlert grew up in a house where "people were always making things." Her mother was a talented seamstress who gave her sewing lessons and bright pieces of leftover fabric. Her father was a woodworker who gave her scraps of lumber from his workshop in the basement. With this abundance of nontraditional art supplies, Lois became a resourceful artist with a love for bright colors and interesting textures. An old card table served as headquarters for her many art projects.

Not surprisingly, Ehlert went on to study art in college. After graduating from the Layton School of Art in Milwaukee, she worked in graphic design for a number of years. When she first attempted to illustrate children's books, she became frustrated with the limitations inherent in illustrating another person's story. Eventually she did return to children's books – but this time as the illustrator, designer, and author. In 1990, Ehlert's Color Zoo received a prestigious Caldecott Honor Award. In 2003, the Milwaukee Art Museum honored the Wisconsin native's original artwork with an exhibit entitled, "Handmade by Lois Ehlert: Art for Children's Books."

Today Lois Ehlert cuts, paints, and writes from her home in Milwaukee. Through her own sense of innovation and discovery, she continues to create authentic books that both children and adults enjoy. "I don’t want to be bored with doing things over and over," she says. "As an artist, I love to experiment, and I find that each book really has its own personality."

Books by This Author

Cuckoo-Cucú: A Folktale from Mexico

Age Level: 3-6
Lazy Cuckoo has a beautiful singing voice and brightly colored feathers — until he loses them while saving everyone's seeds from the burning forest. In the end, though, he retains his signature voice and earns the respect and gratitude of the other birds. This folk tale from Mexico is told both in English and in Spanish.

Eating the Alphabet

Eating the Alphabet
Age Level: 0-3

The alphabet and the luscious edibles that each letter represents are presented in both upper and lower cases. Colorful fruits and vegetables — from apples to zucchini — fill each page to make a tasty smorgasbord that informs and delights.

Growing Vegetable Soup

Age Level: 3-6
Vividly colored vegetables make a delicious soup in this handsome and informative book. Additional details are provided in small labels about the seeds that are planted and the vegetables that emerge.

Market Day: A Story Told with Folk Art

Age Level: 3-6

It's market day! Everyone's going to the town square for a farmers market like no other — and you're invited to come along. Lois Ehlert's Market Day takes you on a colorful journey around the world in a fun story told with folk art.

Moon Rope

Age Level: 3-6

Look at the moon and what do you see? Could it be Fox? Fox convinced Mole to accompany him to the moon by suggesting that huge worms were there. Mole comes back down to Earth, but Fox may still be up there. This myth from Peru is told in both English and Spanish and is illustrated with shining collages inspired by Peruvian artwork and artifacts.

Oodles of Animals

Age Level: 6-9
Bold color and geometric shapes create portraits of creatures from caterpillars to monkeys to accompany short ditties. The result is a lively look at a range of animals. Some short verse is reminiscent of Ogden Nash ("RAT/Leave/a rat/where/it's at.")

Planting a Rainbow

Age Level: 0-3

This educational and enjoyable book helps children understand how to plant bulbs, seeds, and seedlings, and nurture their growth. Lois Ehlert's bold collage illustrations include six pages of staggered width, presenting all the flowers of each color of the rainbow.

Red Leaf, Yellow Leaf

Age Level: 6-9

"This very striking book examines the life of a sugar maple tree from the point of view of a young child. Each spread is a visual masterpiece; Ehlert has added elements of collage and watercolored paper that lend sophistication and diversity to her ever-evolving style.

Waiting for Wings

Illustration of colorful flowers
Age Level: 3-6

Every spring, butterflies emerge and dazzle the world with their vibrant beauty. But where do butterflies come from? How are they born? What do they eat — and how? With a simple, rhyming text and glorious color-drenched collage, Lois Ehlert provides clear answers to these and other questions as she follows the life cycle of four common butterflies. Complete with flower facts and identification tips, as well as a guide to planting a butterfly garden, this butterfly book is like no other.