Louise Spear-Swerling

Books by This Author

Off Track: When Poor Readers Become "Learning Disabled" (Renewing American Schools)

For educators, parents, and others, Spear-Swerling and Sternberg identify the dangers of labeling children as reading or learning disabled, and present a new theoretical model of reading disability which identifies four ways in which disabled readers depart from the path of typical reading development. Using illustrative case studies, the authors describe the four patterns of reading disability, explain how to properly assess them and suggest ways to overcome them.

Teaching for Thinking

Part of the "Psychology in the Classroom" series, Teaching for Thinking addresses higher order thinking processes. The book helps teachers understand teaching strategies to enhance thinking, understand the role of questioning, helps teacher focus on teaching and evaluating creative insight skills, and understand the basic principles and pitfalls in the teaching of thinking skills.