Lynn Barasch

Books by This Author

First Come the Zebra

Age Level: 6-9

Product Description: One day when Abaani, a Maasai boy, takes his family's cattle out to graze, he is surprised to see a Kikuyu boy, Haki, tending a new fruit and vegetable stall alongside the road. The boys know of the traditional conflicts between the Maasai and the Kikuyu. They take an immediate dislike to each other, but when a dangerous situation suddenly arises, the boys act quickly. Little do the boys know they have also taken the first step in overcoming their differences and forging a path to friendship.

Hiromi's Hands

Young girl making sushi
Age Level: 6-9
Language: English

Meet Hiromi, a young girl who wants to follow in her father's footsteps as a sushi chef in New York City. Although Papa is reluctant to take Hiromi to the fish market at first, he soon realizes that she is truly interested in his craft, and he begins to train his daughter, who will eventually become one of the first female sushi chefs in New York. Based on a true story, this story offers a kid-friendly and fascinating look into the art of sushi, as well as the possibilities that America offers in bringing different cultures together.