Margaret E. Bruchac

Books by This Author

1621: A New Look at Thanksgiving

Age Level: Middle Grade (9-14)

A considerable amount of information is packed into this pictorial presentation of the reenactment of the first Thanksgiving, held at Plimoth Plantation museum in October, 2000…Five chapters give background on the Wampanoag people, colonization, Indian diplomacy, the harvest of 1621, and the evolution of the Thanksgiving story. — School Library Journal

Malian's Song

Illustrated by: William Maughan
Age Level: 6-9

Young Malian lives contentedly in an Abenaki village near Montreal in the mid-eighteenth century. One night, Malian's life changes abruptly when her father carries her off to the woods and her village is attacked. Malian's story, based on the true story of "Rogers's Raid" in 1759 and passed down through Abenaki oral tradition, reveals that many Abenaki people survived the attack that destroyed their village, in direct contrast to Rogers' journal accounts. (Vermont Folklife Center Children's Book Series)