Margo Gottlieb

Books by This Author

Assessing English Language Learners: Bridges from Language Proficiency to Academic Achievement, Second Edition

Bridges over water

This comprehensive treatment of ELL assessment highlights the intricate relationship between English language proficiency and content area learning. The author provides detailed information on how teachers can integrate academic language instruction into the content area classroom in order to enhance students' learning and support effective assessment. The book includes excellent discussions of performance-based assessment; student self-assessment; standardized testing; and classroom-based language, literacy, and content assessment.

Assessment and Accountability in Language Education Programs: A Guide for Administrators and Teachers

Gottlieb and Nguyen have created an excellent guide to developing a comprehensive assessment framework that can be used across a wide variety of language education programs. They begin by describing how they developed what they refer to as the Balanced Assessment and Accountability System, Inclusive and Comprehensive (BASIC) and successfully implemented it in a large suburban school district in Illinois.

Common Language Assessment for English Learners

This step-by-step guide demonstrates how teachers, school leaders, and administrators can collaborate to design effective, school-wide language assessment programs for their English language learners. For each phase of the assessment development process (Planning, Design, Refinement, Inspection, and Maintenance), Gottlieb provides organizing principles, lead questions, and action steps, all directed toward helping educators create valid and reliable language measures that are aligned with classroom instruction and able to be used consistently across multiple classrooms.