Marjorie Priceman

Books by This Author

Emeline at the Circus

Age Level: 3-6
For Ms. Splinter, the second grade field trip to the circus provides a chance for serious learning. Not so for inquisitive, bold Emeline who explores the circus in unforgettable ways to the delight of the other students and to her teacher's horror. Humor abounds, and watercolor and line illustrations complement the understated, surprisingly informative text.

Books by This Illustrator

Miracle on 133rd Street

Illustrated by: Marjorie Priceman
Age Level: 6-9

It's Christmas Eve and Mami has bought a delicious roast for a Christmas feast. But it’s too big to fit in the oven! Jose and Papa need to find an oven big enough to cook Mami’s roast. As they walk from door to door through their apartment building, no one seems to be in the Christmas spirit. So they head down the street to find someone willing to help, and only when they do, lo and behold, the scent—the itself magical smell—of dinner begins to spread, and holiday cheer manifests in ways most unexpected.

The Brand New Kid

Illustrated by: Marjorie Priceman
Age Level: 3-6

Lazlo S. Gasky is the new kid in class on the first day of school. Katie Couric's rhyming story of two friends, Ellie and Carrie, deals with the difficult issues of being different, empathy and finally acceptance.