Mary Ann Hoberman

Books by This Author

A House Is a House for Me

Illustrated by: Betty Fraser
Age Level: 6-9
A lively rhyming cadence introduces many different houses for various residents. From spiders to birds to stories, each has a place to live — but always, "a house is a house for me!"

All Kinds of Families

Illustrated by: Marc Boutavant
Age Level: 3-6
Playful language distinguishes this broad and often funny look at what makes “family.” Vibrant, detailed, and stylized illustrations complement this engaging rhyming jaunt.

I Like Old Clothes

Illustrated by: Patrice Barton
Age Level: 0-3
An imaginative child shares her pleasure in old clothing, repurposing them and finding joy in imagining the history, mystery surrounding them. Soft, expressive illustrations accompany the lively rhythmic, rhyming text.

Seven Silly Eaters

Illustrated by: Marla Frazee
Age Level: 6-9
Each child in Mrs. Peter's growing family is a picky eater, driving the poor woman to distraction. That is, until the day the children come up with a satisfactory and satisfying resolution. Detail abounds in the very funny and surprisingly realistic illustrations.

Strawberry Hill

Age Level: 6-9
Ten year old Allie Sherman resists her family's move until she learns that they will live on Strawberry Hill. It is on this intriguing sounding street that Allie finds a friend, confronts racism, and comes to appreciate her family. Set during the Great Depression, this nostalgic novel continues to ring true.

The Llama Who Had No Pajamas

Illustrated by: Betty Fraser
Age Level: 6-9
Many of the rhymes and poems in this engagingly illustrated collection have appeared in other (now unavailable) books. Here they are well presented and clearly organized, ideal for reading aloud.

Whose Garden Is It?

Illustrated by: Jane Dyer
Age Level: 3-6

While out walking, Mrs. McGee and her young charge wonder aloud about the beautiful garden. A host of elegantly dressed insects and animals claim it in this engaging, delicately illustrated rhyming tale.