Mary Quattlebaum

Books by This Author

Grover G. Graham and Me

Age Level: 9-12
Ben is only 11 but in his 8th foster home. There, Ben allows himself to feel deeply for another foster child, a baby named for a Sesame Street character and abandoned by his mother much like Ben was. Ben and the other characters and their evolution are plausible, poignant, and positive.

Jackson Jones and the Puddle of Thorns

Age Level: 6-9
Jackson works to turn a community garden plot into a working business so he can buy the basketball he wanted for his 10th birthday. The fast-paced plot unfolds through Jackson's lively, often humorous voice through to its satisfying conclusion.

Jo MacDonald Had a Garden

Illustrated by: Laura Bryant
Age Level: 3-6
In this version of a familiar tune, Jo MacDonald (the old farmer's granddaughter) and her cousin plant a Spring garden, watch it grow, observe what visits it, gather its bounty before the cycle ends only to begin again. Engaging illustrations suggest ways to dramatize the yearly cycle, and suggested activities conclude the book.

Jo MacDonald Saw a Pond

Illustrated by: Laura Bryant
Age Level: 3-6
Jo, granddaughter of Old MacDonald (of farm fame), visits a pond and observes the teeming life in and around it. The familiar alphabetic refrain and playful language make this a joyful introduction to science all around. Additional information and activities are included.

Underground Train

Illustrated by: Cat Bowman Smith
Age Level: 3-6
The city above is as lively as the subway that a young child and her mother take to visit the girl's grandmother. Familiar landmarks depicted in energetic illustrations reveal that this city is Washington D.C., but the alliterative, lively language presents a universally exciting ride.

Winter Friends

Illustrated by: Hiroe Nakata
Age Level: 0-3
Short poems and translucent watercolors capture the sights, the cold, and the fun of winter. A squirrel, however, "scolds and scolds/this mean white stuff/that stole his snack/and chills his toes."