Megan McDonald

Books by This Author

Beetle McGrady Eats Bugs!

Illustrated by: Jane Manning
Age Level: 3-6

When her class celebrates "fun with food" week, Beetle (who yearns for adventure) declares she will eat an entirely new food group: insects. Lively language and zany illustrations combine to present an ultimately gutsy girl with altogether real qualms.

Daisy Jane, Best Ever Flower Girl

Illustrated by: Claudine Gevry
Age Level: 3-6

When Daisy Jane's favorite babysitter gets married, she asks Daisy Jane to be her flower girl, just like they had pretended when Allie babysat. After shopping and lots of practice, the special day comes with ultimately happy results.

Happy New Year, Julie: 1974 (American Girl)

Illustrated by: Robert Hunt
Age Level: 6-9

Julie has some big changes to get used to in the months following her parents' divorce — especially at Christmastime! Once the stressful holidays have passed, however, she looks forward to helping her best friend Ivy and her family as they prepare for the Chinese New Year. Whether it's washing the windows, shopping in Chinatown, or folding napkins into fans for a big celebration, Julie welcomes the chance to immerse herself in Ivy's traditions — and the possibility of a fresh new start for her family.

Hen Hears Gossip

Illustrated by: Joung Un Kim
Age Level: 3-6

A tale becomes tangled among the farm animals, so Hen sets out to get it straight with humorous results. Language repeats and is predictable with crisp, well-placed illustrations.

Is This a House for a Hermit Crab?

Illustrated by: S. D. Schindler
Age Level: 3-6

Attractive, highly realistic illustrations accompany engaging language as readers follow a hermit crab in search of a new home. Along the way, a variety of other sea creatures and their habitats are introduced in this warm and winning book.

It's Picture Day Today!

Age Level: 3-6

When feathers and buttons (and more) come together in school they just may make something quite special: an amazing, creative picture! Rhythmic language, playful collage and a host of inanimate but animated characters make a picture on a double foldout to conclude this inventive tale. It may just inspire additional handiwork by young artists!

Judy Moody Declares Independence

Illustrated by: Peter Reynolds
Age Level: 3-6

The family vacation to Boston not only reinforces all that Judy Moody knows about the American Revolution, it sets her off on her course of independence! Humor abounds in this adventure of the likeable 3rd grader and her family.

Judy Moody Goes to College

Illustrated by: Peter Reynolds
Age Level: 6-9

When Judy struggles with math, her parents find a tutor at the local college. In typical Judy fashion, she tries to transform her world — and her friends' world– with laugh out loud results for readers.

Saving the Liberty Bell

Illustrated by: Marsha Carrington
Age Level: 3-6

Eleven-year-old John tells his siblings how he and his father helped hide the Liberty Bell from the British while on a trip from their farm into the Philadelphia. Light-toned illustrations complement this well-told tale. Fact is separated from fiction at book’s end.

Stink and the Freaky Frog Freakout

Age Level: 6-9

Stink is still afraid to put his head underwater so fears he'll remain a "polliwog". When frogs start to appear everywhere, however, Stink learns about them, what's really going on, and learns to swim! The latest installment about Judy Moody's little brother is sure to please.