Molly Bang

Books by This Author

All of Me! A Book of Thanks

Age Level: 3-6
As a young boy inventories himself from feet to head, he and his cat celebrate his body, its uses, and his world. Bright collages capture the joy of the celebration that complements the recognizable, slightly egocentric young voice. An endnote describes the creation of the illustrations and suggests a project for children.

Ten, Nine, Eight

Age Level: 0-3

This countdown to bedtime begins with "10 small toes all washed and warm" until one little girl is tucked snugly into bed by her loving dad. Richly hued illustrations, warmly detailed, combine with a straightforward text that holds up to multiple readings as well as careful examination.

The Paper Crane

Age Level: 6-9

"A restaurant owner and his son lose their clientele when a new superhighway bypasses their street. When a poor man comes to them one evening, they gladly serve him a fine meal for pay. Before leaving, he gives his hosts a paper crane which will be a living, dancing bird when they clap their hands. The dancing crane brings crowds to the restaurant and prosperity to the kind owners as well as a joyful surprise to readers at the story's end.

When Sophie Gets Angry- Really, Really Angry

Age Level: 3-6

Sophie is really, really angry! Her sister took her stuffed gorilla. Then Sophie triped on a toy truck. Furious, she slams out the front door and just keeps running. Soon, though, she calms down and starts to notice the ferns and birds. Before long she is ready to be back with her family.