Monty Roessel

Books by This Author

Kinaaldá: A Navajo Girl Grows Up (We Are Still Here : Native Americans Today)

Age Level: Middle Grade (9-14)

Celinda McKelvey looks like a typical 13-year-old American, and most of the time she lives like one, but her roots are deep in the Diné (Navajo) nation, and she returns to the reservation to solemnize and celebrate her change from girl to woman. The ceremony, called Kinaaldá, marks the coming-of-age for a Diné girl…Roessel's text describes Celinda's preparations and the ceremony itself and relates the ancient myth that gave rise to it. — Booklist (We Are Still Here: Native Americans Today)

Songs from the Loom: A Navajo Girl Learns to Weave (We Are Still Here)

Age Level: Middle Grade (9-14)

Reviewer Tracy Robert writes, "Photographer and writer Monty Roessel…documented his ten year old daughter, Jaclyn, as her grandmother taught her to weave. The fifth grader learned about the practical aspects of weaving; like shearing sheep, carding and spinning wool, natural dyes, and weaving techniques. Nali Ruth (Grandmother) also taught Jaclyn about important Diné (Navajo) stories related to weaving and the significance of each tool." (We Are Still Here: Native Americans Today)