Nancy Tafuri

Books by This Author

Blue Goose

Age Level: 0-3
When Farmer Gray went on vacation, Blue Goose and his friends decided to paint their black and white barnyard for a happy surprise. With the help of his friends, Blue Goose mixes paints to introduce both primary and secondary colors in this clever barnyard tale.

The Busy Little Squirrel

Age Level: 3-6

The leaves have started to fall. The air is cold. Squirrel needs to get ready for winter. He cannot nibble with the mice. He does not have time to hop with the frogs or run with the dogs. Will this busy little squirrel ever slow down? Focusing on all the charming features of the fall season, this sweetly illustrated story features country animals, pumpkins, leaves, apples and other signs of autumn. Available in hardcover or board book edition.