Patricia A. Keeler

Books by This Author

A Huge Hog is a Big Pig

This rhyming words game is illustrated with crisp photographs and is sure to tickle the imagination as another rhyming description is sought. Eight Ate: A Feast of Homonym Riddles by Marvin Terban (Sandpiper) is just what the title indicates and may be considered for use with more experienced readers (grade 2-3). This, too, is supported by line drawings.

Drumbeat in Our Feet

Age Level: 6-9

"This joyful picture book uses watercolor-and-pencil artwork to show African dances from all over the continent and kids 'coming from Brooklyn, coming from Harlem, the Bronx and down the subway lines' to learn them at the Harlem's Batoto Yetu dance studio. On each left-hand page is a sepia-tone illustration of a traditional African dance, accompanied by detailed notes about its origin, the performance, and the cultural tradition.