Riki Levinson

Books by This Author

Soon, Annala

Illustrated by: Julie Downing
Age Level: 6-9

Annala lives with her family in New York — everyone, that is, except for her two little brothers. She misses them terribly, but whenever she asks her parents when they will come, they can only respond, "Soon, Annala." Annala can't help wonder, however, if that day will ever arrive. A touching depiction of the separation that so many immigrant families endure in search of a better life. Out of print but may be available in libraries.

Watch the Stars Come Out

Illustrated by: Diane Goode
Age Level: 6-9

Every once in awhile, Grandma shares the story of her mother's journey to America as a young girl. Grandma doesn't leave anything out, from the moment her mother boards the ship with her older brother to the moment the children are reunited with their parents. Levinson offers a touching portrayal of the immigrant experience that children will relate to, complemented by Goode's detailed and often humorous illustrations. This book is featured in Reading Rainbow episode #29 about immigration.