Shelly Rotner

Books by This Author

Feeling Thankful

Age Level: 6-9

Full-color photographs on well-composed pages introduce a multicultural cast of kids. Each child expresses what he or she is thankful for — from family and friends to a pet mouse — in this handsome and useful book.

Lots of Grandparents

Age Level: 3-6
In simple text and crisp, clear color photographs, grandparents of all sizes and in all conditions, situations, and shapes are shown. This attractive book introduces the idea that each of us is different but still have much in common.

The Buzz on Bees: Why Are They Disappearing?

Age Level: 6-9
Bees have been around for over 65 million years but have been in decline since early in the 21st century. This scientific mystery is better appreciated with a clearer understanding of the importance of these flying insects to humans. Mystery and background information are presented in handsome photographs and lucid text. Suggested activities are doable as is finding out more from recommended resources.