Vera Williams

Books by This Author

A Chair for Always

Age Level: 6-9
In a companion to A Chair for My Mother, young Rosa awaits the birth of her baby cousin in the now slightly frayed chair so lovingly purchased long ago. When the baby is born, Rosa introduces him to the much-loved chair and its history in this sincere and warmly told and illustrated family story.

Amber Was Brave, Essie Was Smart

Age Level: 9-12
Life isn't easy for sisters Amber and Essie. Their mother works long hours; their father's in prison; there's generally little to eat. But there is joy in their creative play, neighbor friendships, and mutual love and support, which shines through difficulties. In poems and pictures that are never overtly sentimental, Williams eloquently and intimately reveals the sisters' distinct personalities and their story.

Cherries and Cherry Pits

Age Level: 3-6

Bidemmi is a budding artist and a careful observer of the world around her. As she weaves together stories and drawings of the people in her neighborhood, she ties the tales together through cherries — buying them, sharing them, and enjoying them. Learn how Bidemmi uses cherries to create her vision for the future in this brightly colored and softly crafted book that understands and speaks to young children.

More, More, More Said the Baby

Age Level: 0-3
In each of these three short, colorfully illustrated stories, the grandmother loves her Little Pumpkin as only a doting grandmother can. Chubby, multi-ethnic children are brightly portrayed in sparkling watercolors.

Music, Music for Everyone

Age Level: 3-6

When Rosa’s grandmother becomes sick, Rosa comes up with an idea that not only makes Grandma feel better, it helps add coins to the family’s near empty money jar. Translucent watercolors illustrate this timeless, affectionate tale of family, community and the power of music.