Vicki Cobb

Books by This Author

I Face the Wind

Age Level: 3-6
A series of questions combined with suggested activities introduces the scientific principles of wind and air. Lighthearted illustrations in an open format create an inviting, informative activity book just right for budding scientists.

I Fall Down

Illustrated by: Julia Gordon
Age Level: 3-6
Activities suggested are easy and engaging for young children and an adult. This title from the Science Play series — intended for the youngest budding scientist — uses conversational language and uncluttered illustrations to encourage further observation and experimentation.

I See Myself

Age Level: 3-6
Why you see yourself in a mirror or other shiny object is brought to life through easy-to-do activities and simple illustrations. An open format, interesting typeface, and conversational language make this just right for sharing.

Junk Food

Age Level: 6-9
Easy activities and commonplace snack foods bring basic principles of chemistry into focus. Combined with snappy full-color photographs, the information is clearly presented and sure to inspire as it informs.

Lots of Rot

Illustrated by: S.D. Schindler
Age Level: 6-9
What makes rotten food (or dirty socks) smell? Probably bacteria or another microorganism. The casual language and line drawings informs while encouraging experimentation with everyday items.

Science Experiments You Can Eat

Age Level: 6-9
Everyone eats so naturally, the kitchen is the place to discover more about it. Chemistry is with us every day and in many ways, introduced in an informative, conversational text and easy-to-do activities with readily available materials.

This Place Is Cold

Illustrated by: Barbara Lavallee
Age Level: 3-6
Illustrations evoke the frozen north while the text invites readers to feel more the cold of Alaska. How the weather impacts people and animals is explained in a conversational tone as is the impact of climate change. A comparable exploration, This Place Is Wet (Walker; 0802734006), will be available in May 2013.

Your Body Battles a Broken Bone

Age Level: 6-9
What happens when a bone is broken? The body repairs it! How this happens is presented in clear language accompanied by photomicrographs and humorous illustrations for a clear explanation of the process.