Walter Dean Myers

Books by This Author

Me, Mop, and the Moondance Kid

Age Level: 6-9
T.J. narrates the story of how he and his brother, nicknamed the Moondance Kid, become friends with Mop. Even after the boys are adopted they remain friends, though they worry about Mop – will she be adopted, too? A surprise ending which involves their shared love of baseball allows the children’s friendship to continue in this enjoyable novel.


Age Level: 14-16
This story of a young African-American man caught up in a robbery gone bad is a contemporary classic. The screenplay format makes it appealing to reluctant readers, but it's also well deserving of its honor as the first recipient of the Printz Award for Excellence in Young Adult literature.

Muhammad Ali: The People's Champion

Illustrated by: Alix Delinois
Age Level: 6-9
Cassius Clay learned to box when he was twelve, trained by Joe Martin in his native Louisville, Kentucky. He would go on to win the Golden Gloves championship and to box in the Olympics. Clay stunned not only the sports world but the world as a whole by winning the world boxing championship and changing his name to Muhammad Ali when he embraced Islam. His portrait is painted in a chronological account, highlighting Ali's words in text and dramatic full-color paintings.

Now Is Your Time!: The African-American Struggle for Freedom

Age Level: 6-9
"A compelling exploration of the African-American experience from slavery through the 1960s civil rights movement to contemporary times. This fascinating book will engender pride in heritage for young African Americans and provide insight into American history for all." (From the publisher)

Street Love

Age Level: 14-16
Damien, the star of the basketball team is headed to college. Junice is trying to hold her family together after tragedy. When these two meet, there is nothing but love, even if Damien's parents are less than thrilled with his choice. As the drama unfolds, each character tells his/her story through verse, leaving the reader to wonder if Damien and Junice be able to rise above the adversity that surrounds them.

Sunrise Over Fallujah

Age Level: 16-18
Robin believes in his country and volunteers to fight in Iraq, but when he arrives in the war zone he realizes that fighting for freedom is not always black and white.

The Beast

Age Level: 14-16
Spoon and Gabi are in love and decide to stay together, even after Spoon leaves Harlem to spend his senior year at a prestigious prep school. When he comes home during break, he discovers that Gabi is addicted to heroin — "the beast." Will Spoon and Gabi be able to resist the lure of street life and maintain their love for each other?

The Greatest Muhammad Ali

Age Level: 6-9
Muhammad Ali has long been a source of inspiration. In this new book from Walter Dean Myers, we see a story of determination, energy, pride, and strength. From a daring young boxer to man at war with a disease, Myers covers Ali's life with prowess and honesty.

The Journal of Biddy Owens: The Negro Leagues, Birmingham, Alabama, 1948

Age Level: 9-12
Have you ever thought about working for a baseball team, managing equipment and traveling to games? That's what 17-year-old Biddy Owens does during the era the Negro Baseball League. His realistic yet fictional account of his adventures not only describes his meetings with famous players, but also details the prejudice and discrimination he faces as an African American.