Walter Dean Myers

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Amistad: A Long Road to Freedom

A well-researched non-fiction account of the 1839 slave uprising on the schooner ship Amistad that lead to a Supreme Court showdown between U.S. slaveholders and abolitionists. Also included are maps, drawings, and diagrams to help students understand the captives' journey.

Blues Journey

Rich paintings in limited colors convey the power of a people and a piece of their history. Done in the cadence of the Blues, this unique and powerful picture book inspired by the uniquely African American music and related experience is for older readers.

Brown Angels: An Album of Pictures and Verse

Age Level: 6-9

Join acclaimed author Walter Dean Myers in a heartwarming celebration of African-American childhood. Sharing favorites from his collection of long-forgotten, turn-of-the-century photographs, and punctuating them with his own moving poetry, Mr. Myers has created a beautiful album that reminds us that "the child in each of us is our most precious part."

Glorious Angels: A Celebration of Children

Age Level: 3-6
Children from various backgrounds and cultures appear in these early 20th century photographs, linked by an original poem that celebrates the joy of family and childhood. The format is reminiscent of an old-fashioned photo album while the emotions conveyed are very contemporary.


Illustrated by: Christopher Myers
Age Level: 6-9

Experienced readers will enjoy this stunning and sophisticated visit to Harlem in word and image. Landmarks like the Cotton Club and the Apollo Theater are included and invite discussion.


Experience the explosion of color and movement of jazz as you pulsate with its beat in a vibrant series of poems and paintings. This father-and-son team explores a variety of jazz forms in an unforgettable book.

In 2008, the first Odyssey Award for distinguished children's/young adult audiobook was presented to this read-along title. This package brings together the illustrations of the book with the featured Jazz music.

Looking Like Me

Illustrated by: Christopher Myers
Age Level: 6-9

A boy named Jeremy defines himself in the context of his world. The animated narrator begins by looking in the mirror and seeing a boy, and then adds brother, son, artist, writer, and more as he interacts with his family and community. The lively poem concludes with a look at a very young author and illustrator and a short list of how they self-define.

Malcolm X : A Fire Burning Brightly

Illustrated by: Leonard Jenkins
Age Level: 6-9
Walter Dean Myers is an award-winning writer of fiction, nonfiction, and poetry for young people, and has penned a masterful, even-handed biography of Malcolm X for young readers. Leonard Jenkins, illustrator of Sunflower Island by Carol Greene, brings his bold, beautiful, collage-style paintings to the life of a man whose fire burned brightly and went out too quickly.

Me, Mop, and the Moondance Kid

Age Level: 6-9
T.J. narrates the story of how he and his brother, nicknamed the Moondance Kid, become friends with Mop. Even after the boys are adopted they remain friends, though they worry about Mop – will she be adopted, too? A surprise ending which involves their shared love of baseball allows the children’s friendship to continue in this enjoyable novel.


Anthologies and Collections

Flying Lessons & Other Stories

Flying Lessons & Other Stories
Age Level: Middle Grade (9-14)

Whether it is basketball dreams, family fiascos, first crushes, or new neighborhoods, this bold anthology—written by the best children’s authors and published in partnership with We Need Diverse Books (WNDB) — celebrates the uniqueness and universality in all of us. For more great stories, see the WNDB anthology Fresh Ink.