Ying Chang Compestine

Books by This Author

Crouching Tiger

Illustrated by: Yan Nascimbene
Age Level: 6-9
When Vinson's grandfather visits from China, the boy has conflicting feelings about his grandfather's old ways. A visit to Chinatown to experience the lion dancers celebrate the Chinese New Year bring Ming Da (Vinson) and his grandfather closer. Watercolor and ink illustrations add power to the warm, plausible story.

Revolution is Not a Dinner Party

This semi-autobiographical novel takes place during the Chinese cultural revolution. Ling's parents are doctors, but when Mao comes to power, they are accused of being part of the "bourgeoisie." Ling must be brave and smart during this time of upheaval.

The Runaway Rice Cake

Illustrated by: Tungwai Chau
Age Level: 6-9

"It all happened one Chinese New Year's Eve." So begins the tale of the Chang family and the rice cake that ran away! Author Ying Chang Compestine presents a magical tale from a traditional Chinese village that captures the selflessness of a humble family with three young boys — even in a time of drought. Tungwai Chau's illustrations convey the whimsy and poignancy of this holiday tale.